Breathing Freer Through Pollen Season

By: Kris Shaw-Acupuncture Allergy Specialist and Massage Therapist 206-370-2600 or 206 -932-3718

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This time of year, the grass & juniper pollens are at an all time high, circulating in our environment. So is that fluffy white stuff from the cotton wood trees. Those white fluffy balls are floating in the air or collecting in many nooks & crannies around homes & on the roads and sidewalks, reminding us of winter snow fall but its June.

“My seasonal allergies are driving me crazy!!! Is there anything I can do?” is an all too common frustration that I hear in the summer months. Actually there are many things you can do to breathe more freely and have some quality of life during the hay days of pollen production. The warmth of the summer heat stimulates a full orchestra of pollens, stepping up their dissemination. For some of you readers, you have more of a hereditary predisposition to sinus, allergy & asthma challenges when the pollen count is too high.

Histamines serve a healthy purpose in the body, as part of the immune system’s defenses. And when they are too liberally distributed through out your lungs, sinuses & eyes, they can inflame & congest your breathing passages. If you are feeling all stuffed, TAKE NOTE: There are some natural allergy treatment solutions as an alternative to taking suppressive allergy medications that must be taken every few hours.

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So What Healthy Options Are Available to help you to Breathe More Comfortably?
Allergy desensitizing treatments know as NAET address the underlying core issues of seasonal pollen reactions, reprogramming the body/mind that has misinterpret pollen, cat dander or common foods to be an intruder to the body’s defense systems. Allergy desensitizing treatments reset programs in the mind, reaccelerating long standing allergens to become friend, not foe….. In other words, to reclaim them as normal substances in the body. NAET treatments are offered by a seasoned allergy acupuncturist in West Seattle & are often covered by most of the older insurance plans. They are available to both adults & children and keep pollen reactivity at bay for years. Is that really possible? Discover the NAET healing method that’s been around for 35 years at . Check out the resource section.

What really works when you are in a crisis mode with an allergy induced asthma or a sinus flare up?
1. Quercetin & Nettle are well researched bioflavonoids that reduce histamine reactions, by stabilizing the mast cells, that pumps out the excess histamines. This supplement is great for symptomatic relief, as long as they are taken throughout the day & night to keep the histamine reducing properties in your blood stream. You’ll find several formulas with quercetin & nettle combo in your local health food stores. D- Hist is my favorite of the quercetin & nettle herbal blends.

2. Nasal Flushing with salt & baking soda solution. Many of you with chronic sinus challenges are familiar with daily nasal douching to gently flush pollens out of your nasal passages. Flushing with water thins out accumulated mucus that otherwise holds on to delicate sinuses. Clogged nasal cavities serve as a breeding ground for respiratory viruses & bacteria. NASOPURE, created by Dr Hana is the most user friendly nasal flushing system that children & adults can use. There is an amusing UTube video with two young children supporting each other with their nasal rinsing without any discomfort. Using either golden seal or the glycerin form of echinachea are both antimicrobial herbs to add to the nasal flushing fluids.

3. Vitamin C Deficiency: If you’re challenges with pollen sensitivity, it would be worth your time with being muscle tested, to see if you are absorbing vitamin C efficiently. In my clinical practice with the NAET, I’ve noticed that 90 % of my patients with acute & chronic seasonal allergy reactions & other allergen inhalants such as cat dander, mold & dust to be challenged with Vitamin C assimilation. Vitamin C is essential to a healthy immune system & adrenal support. More efficient assimilation of Vitamin C is one of the first treatments that I do to aid the body/mind to reacclimate to Vitamin C as one of the building blocks in the immune system, when addressing seasonal allergy sufferers.

Ready to solve your allergy problems? Call DeSautel Chiropractic at (206) 932-3718 or Kris Shaw at (206) 370-2600 to schedule a consult! (Make sure you specify that the appointment is for allergies.)


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Innate Intelligence: Back to Basics

Chiropractic and Innate Intelligence

Chiropractic adjustments take pressure off nerves distributed to the rest of the body via the spinal chord. These nerves send millions of signals throughout the body every day, awake or asleep, coordinating muscle movements, triggering chemical reactions, and instructing organs so they function properly. With pressure on the nerves, comes muffled messages from the brain and spinal chord, limiting full nerve function.

The sole purpose of Chiropractic is to return nerve activity to its full potential, bringing back smarter and more efficient innate intelligence.

It’s the education we never talk about, the inborn intelligence that guides every chemical reaction in the body and works to fight off bacteria and viruses and filter toxins ( among dozens of other important functions). Simple actions such as walking, blinking and sneezing are all things that our innate intelligence does for us. The goal of chiropractic is to enable and amplify innate intelligence so that the body can heal its ailments more efficiently.

5 Steps to Surviving Seasonal Stressors

Oh, the joy, the sugar, the family, the feasts! More often than not, ’tis the season for unnecessary stress. We’d love to give you some tools in order to make this holiday season the best yet!

  1. Portion control– I think we all have mastered the art of stuffing ourselves past the point of oblivion…and then regretting it the next day. Serve yourself up a little bit of everything rather than mounding food onto your plate.
  2. Practice mindful eating- It takes a couple minutes for your brain to catch up to your stomach so take your time. Be mindful of what you’re eating, how does it taste, what are the textures like? Asking these questions will help you focus on what you are enjoying right then, rather than fast forwarding to dessert.
  3. A short walk after the feast- As little as 30 minutes of walking just after a meal is better for blood sugar as well as speeding up digestion. Not to mention the mental effects, be proud of exercising, no matter how big or small!
  4. A “Joy Jar”- Put all that brings you joy in this jar including pictures from the past year, inspiring quotes from a favorite book or memes that make you smile. Any time you’re feeling low or in times of high stress, dip your hand into the Joy Jar and see what destiny gives you (hint: it’s going to be joyous)! Your guests will love this too!Cat, Wink, Funny, Fur, Animal, Red, Cute, Pet, Adidas
  5. Be charitable- Giving back has a huge impact on all those who are involved. Investing time and some love into helping others is a great way to release endorphins, taking your mind off of anything causing you stress. A little bit goes a long way when improving the lives of others whether it be close to home through a homeless feed or volunteering at an animal shelter, or sending a gift or donation oversees. Unable to make a donation or don’t have time to give? Give someone a smile and send it with some love, that energy will make a bigger difference than you think.

“The truest measure of compassion lies not in our service of those margins, but in our willingness to see ourselves in kinship with them..”

-Pema Chodron

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Iodine: We all Need it

Over 2 billion people on earth are deficient in iodine…

…a supplement used by the thyroid gland to produce hormones that are essential in regulating key metabolic functions. Without iodine, the thyroid cannot function efficiently. Without working properly muscle metabolism drops, blood cell production is lower than normal which can lead to weight gain, chronic fatigue and the risk for breast cancer increases, just to name a few.

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Iodine is extremely important and so underrated. It’s on the more difficult side of incorporating into your diet because of how uncommon iodine is in food. Not many people are fond of eating kelp and seaweed (which is packed with iodine). Supplements are the easiest way to fulfill our body’s need for iodine, either in capsule (recommended dose is 150 mcg/day) or liquid form (WARNING: the taste is not it’s best attribute). It’s best to consume foods containing selenium while taking an iodine supplement (or take an iodine supplement that includes selenium) such as Brazil nuts, leafy greens and cooked tuna. It will keep the thyroid from getting overwhelmed since most of us are deficient in iodine and will absorb it too fast. Some thyroid support supplements have selenium already included, as well as other vitamins and minerals.

As soon as you have taken an iodine supplement consistently, you’ll start to notice the positive impact it has on your health, mood, and energy as well as it’s prevention of cognitive decline and cancer. Iodine will change your life!



An Arthritis Diet

Rheumatoid arthritis affects about 1.3 million people in the United States.

Osteoarthritis is where the cartilage that surrounds the joint begins to thin, causing the bones to rub directly against each other. Whereas rheumatoid arthritis is categorized as an autoimmune disorder. The body’s tissue is mistakenly attacked by it’s immune system. Hot Laser Therapy has been shown to reduce inflammation in the joints and relieve pain. All it takes is 10 minutes of laser applied to the affected area and the symptoms will be put at ease. With a combination of laser therapy, diet and visiting your doctor regularly, you will be able to live a normal lifestyle without RA or OA getting in the way constantly.

You are what you eat….in a sense.

Your diet can totally affect the severity of arthritis flare ups and how often you are affected by the condition. There are many foods out there that are extremely inflammatory including salt, alcohol, chocolate, and processed food. The best possible diet revisions are to cut out processed foods, dairy, grains, sugar and nightshade vegetables (tomatoes, eggplants, peppers) and stick to meat, fresh fruits and vegetables. Now, this sounds impossible and no fun at all but it is doable and will improve your health immensely.

Blueberry Fruit on Gray Container

After just one day of this diet your body will thank you. It takes commitment in order to continue the diet but eventually it will feel unnatural to consume the foods you cut out. Fruit salads with peaches, grapes, apples, pears and berries will give you lots of fiber and natural sugars. If you need some energy, nuts such as almonds, walnuts and pistachios will give you a protein boost without feeling sluggish. Steamed edamame with pink himalayan salt is also a great source of soy.

Discovering even more foods that will guide you on your path to happy and healthy is one of the funnest parts of getting to your goal. Here at DeSautel Chiropractic we love helping our patients reach their highest potential and are always open to helping even more people! Call us at (206) 932-3718 or like us on Facebook at to get more healthy tips!


Endorphins, endorphins, endorphins!

We all feel low at some point in our lives; life will throw all sorts of curve balls at us and it can get overwhelming. It may be difficult to keep a positive outlook on everything, and consciously reconstructing your mindset is harder than it should be. Why can’t we just feel happy? How do we control the emotions and handle the everyday triggers with uplifting attitudes? We can let things in our outside environment do some of the work for us.

Let’s release some endorphins- the feel-good chemical in your brain- with these easy fixes:


  1. CHOCOLATE- in perfect, guilt-free portions

 Chocolate pieces on aluminum foil

2. PEPPERS- add a little spice to your life

3. MUSIC- make a playlist of all your favorites and save it for a gloomy day

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Have a joyful weekend! Remember to smile and radiate positive energy to everyone around you!

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Gravity, Chiropractic Care, and the Decompression Table

From the moment we wake up in the morning, gravity is compressing the vertebrae and jelly doughnut-like discs that act as a cushion and shock absorb-er between the vertebrae.

Sadly, gravity is unavoidable and most people are not taking the necessary steps to prevent compression, which can lead to osteoarthritis. Maintaining a normal, not average,  weight, committing to a regular exercise routine, and keeping good posture throughout the day are simple and healthy ways to prevent compression of the spine.

Of course, there are options for those who suffer from herniated or degenerating discs, as well as those with chronic back and neck pain.

Traditional doctors may recommend anti-inflammatory drugs, steroid injections or even  surgeries that create space in between vertebrae or surgeries which fuse the vertebrae together to maintain the lumbar or cervical curves. These solutions are not always successful and can sometimes make the condition worse and more painful. The typical recovery time after a surgery is three months, during which scar tissue may develop, and physical activities are limited, if not cut out completely.

What is the solution that no one is talking about? Decompression tables relieve pressure from within the disc and promote retraction.

With retraction comes an influx of nutrients, needed for the proper function of a disc. Reversing a herniated disc by way of the decompression table will relieve pain and aid against bulging, degenerating and herniated discs. Along with retraction, the pull from the decompression table relieves nerve compression by creating a suction force, promoting 100% nerve flow.

Here at DeSautel Chiropractic, we utilize the decompression table on patients with chronic low back and neck pain. Each patient has experienced immediate pain relief and sometimes feeling better after their sessions.

Our decompression table is featured on our Facebook as well as our website! Schedule your decompression consultation now! (206) 932-3718